Monday, January 11, 2016

Germany's Feminist Movement Risks Completely Discrediting Itself.

It has been eleven days since the attacks took place, and so far, if we are to sum up the reaction of the mainstream left, one word is enough to sum it up:  Shameful!

At first, we had the first days of the attempted cover-up.  The initial police report did not contain any reference to the sexual assaults, instead maintained that the night went by relatively incident free. Only on the fourth did the story break, with right-leaning Breitbart leading the charge.  That same evening German state broadcaster ZDF failed to make any mention of the incidents, even though by that time Breitbart was already pointing out that as many as ninety women were sexually assaulted. ZDF later apologized, but the one thing that remains clear is that there was a definite desire to bury the story.  Only on the fifth day did the mainstream media pick up the story, not because it wanted to, but because it was caught in offside by the sheer size of it.  In other words, it sank in that this one cannot be swept under the carpet and any continued attempt to do so, will only serve to further discredit them.

The German government was also forced to address the issue on the fifth day.  Three days later, the fall guy was identified.  It was to be Cologne's police chief.  He was accused of mishandling security and withholding information on the perpetrators.  Cologne's pro-migrant mayor came out soon after, claiming that she was misled by the police reports, thus her ridiculous reactions.  Merkel repeatedly came out demanding that the criminals be brought to justice, but no word on what should be done with the "sponsor" of the criminals.  She made it a point to highlight how personally affected she was by the attacks.  That must be true indeed, because just before the attacks, we learned from Bild that the German government was actively suppressing information in regards to migrant criminal acts.  So, yes indeed, she is personally very affected by the fact that this time, it was just too big to be swept under the carpet, therefore the negative consequences of her imposed experiment can no longer be denied.  These negative consequences amount to her and her government breaking the most sacred social contract which is one of the main foundations of our society.  It is the contract by which the masses relinquish the right to violence in favor of the state, in return for the state providing a high degree of security.  Any policy which knowingly does the opposite and endangers the public, is a breach of that contract.

The shameful reaction of feminists.

With over 200 women having been sexually assaulted in Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf Frankfurt and Berlin as a direct result of past and present migrant policies, one would think that at the very least women's movements would jump firmly into the corner of the victims, as well as demanding policies which will protect women in their community from being exposed to such barbarous acts.   They might have even been able to protect women's rights and remain in favor of migration, if they would have come out in favor of shifting the granting of asylum from the overwhelmingly young male invasion of Europe, to perhaps following the Canadian model and only granting asylum to those applying from the first safe country, such as Lebanon or Turkey.  If we think about it, such a policy would have more humanitarian weight, because governments in Europe would be able to chose the most vulnerable, such as families, or women with children, or even orphaned children, instead of granting asylum to hordes of young men, which could better fend for themselves.

Early on however, it became clear that multi-kulti is more important to the feminist movement than the safety of women.  That was made clear by the very first protest held in Cologne, where mainly women marched with the overall theme of "No to sexism,  no to racism".  The racism reference has no connection to any possible racial dimensions that the attacks may have had, given that the perps were overwhelmingly of color and it seems the overwhelming majority of victims were white.  It was a reference to anyone who opposes the current trend of mass migration, which brought the perps to Germany.  In effect, the protest turned into more of a pro-immigration march then a denouncement of the events and policies that led to over 200 women being sexually assaulted by a mob.

Source:  Telegraph.

In other words, they are saying that they denounce the attacks, but they are not only in favor of the policies that led to the attacks, but they feel that anyone who is opposed to the current open borders policies which brought the attackers to Germany, is a "racist".  Of course, it does not seem that any of them may have taken a time to actually think about the victims when it comes to making such correlations.

 I will not by any means attempt to speak in the name of the victims, or pretend to know where most of them stand on the issue.  But given that at this point we have roughly 200 victims of sexual assault in Cologne alone and we had similar occurrences in many German cities and elsewhere in Europe, with a connection to recent or past weaves of asylum seekers and other migrants, I think it is a good bet to assume that at least some of the women who experienced these assaults on that night, will feel that the current open border policy is to blame for their ordeal.  Should we label them as racist now because of it?  The feminist voices we have heard from so far most certainly seem to think that we should.  I do not think that it is up to me to condemn this vile attitude.  I may find it vile, but for all I know, maybe all the women who were assaulted thus far may agree with their position.  What I do take issue with is the way they have portrayed European men, because after all, I am a European man.

The prevalent argument for doing so, seems to be the thesis that there is really no difference between the behavior of the newcomer asylum seekers and the general male European population.  After all, the argument goes as presented by feminist activists such as Anne Wizorek..

"The problem of sexism and sexual violence, especially against women, has already been there and has nothing to do with any people who come here as refugees or are growing up as people of color in general,"

In other words, if I am to understand this argument correctly, because sexual abuse already occurs in out society, the fact that the newcomers committed this mass-assault on women, in no way changes German society.  Any attempt to claim that it does is racially motivated.  If we dare to claim that these young men who come from a different society with a different set of values behave any different from any of us, we are racists.

First of all, I have to agree with Anne Wizorek, there are plenty of sexual assaults committed by European men.  In fact, in Denmark for instance, about 500 cases of rape are reported every year.  Putting aside right-wing claims that a disproportionate number of rapes in Denmark are committed by Muslim men or other foreigners, it means that at least 500 women per year are raped in Denmark by a European man.  That means that over a lifetime approximately one in one hundred women can be expected to report a rape over their lifetime.  Argument goes that the majority of  rapes are in fact not reported, therefore the numbers can be much higher than that.  So, yes, there is no denying the fact that Muslim men are by no means the only ones who will sexually assault women.

Having said all that, there is a huge difference when it comes to the attitude of most Western men towards women and how most Muslim men see things.  For one thing, we were not raised to believe that our god approves of sexually molesting women who are not of the same religion as we are.  Aside from that, in our society, women have not only the right but also enough trust to display a high degree of sexual freedom, in terms of the way they dress and behave, without expecting to be sexually molested.  They expect to be able to flirt and then demand an end to it.  They expect to go as far as they want with a partner and demand an end to it at any point.  And rightfully so.  It is their right!

The fact that it still happens occasionally that a man ignores the right of a woman to say no at any point, any time, and under any circumstance is unfortunate.  But realistically speaking, I doubt that society will ever reach the point of completely eradicating sexual abuse.  But my point is that compared with men in most societies, Western men do tend to show a great deal of restraint, and furthermore most of us condemn those who do not.  Comparisons such as these in regards to events such as Oktoberfest;

"Sexual assaults and even rape happen every year at big events like Oktoberfest. 'The way to the toilet alone is like running the gauntlet: within 50 feet, you can be sure to tally three hugs from drunken strangers, two pats on the ass, someone looking up your dirndl, and some beer purposely splashed right down your cleavage,' wrote Karoline Beisel and Beate Wild in 2011, in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. An average of ten reported rapes take place each year at Oktoberfest. The estimated number of unreported cases is 200." (link)

 which try to draw a parallel that equates the behavior of the average European man to that of the average man raised in the Middle East or North Africa, is insulting to say the least.  It is insulting, because the reality of events such as Oktoberfest is that the experience of most women at the event is such that they would be willing to return next year as well.  The crimes and misbehavior by the men towards women, is obviously rare enough or benign enough that the vast majority of women feel safe enough to return and have fun.   On the other hand, I think few women who passed through the area of Cologne where the assaults happened would chose to do so again, if they could go back in time, knowing what they now know.

Fact is that the feminist claims that the massive migration of people from a very different culture, where women's legal and cultural rights are nowhere near the point where it is in the Western world will not change the state of women's freedom in the Western world, is outright ridiculous and based on nothing but ideological belief.  It did change to some extent already, with only a million people moving to Germany in one year.  I think it is time to admit that Germany and the state of women's safety in society will not be the same ever again if the current open borders policy will continue for much longer.  As I said in the past, a shrinking population will not assimilate a growing population.  It is the growing population which gradually tends to assert itself culturally, even before it becomes the majority population, because it is more energetic.  With that, the cultural rights will go first, and then eventually, even the legal rights.

And if the women who call themselves feminists believe that they can have their globalist, multiculturalist ideological viewpoints validated, while at the same time pretending that they will be able to not only safeguard the current degree of freedoms, both legal and cultural, but also enhance them, they are absolutely wrong.  It was already proven wrong.  Even a clumsy attempt to sweep the evidence under the carpet and then the current attempt to whitewash the events, at the cost of throwing the victims under the buss, did not prevent the fact that women's cultural freedoms are already under attack from surfacing.  All it did was to further undermine the trust of society in their authorities and the ideological dogma most German elites adhere to.  It is also severely undermining the reputation of the feminist movement, because since all this happened, their only preoccupation seems to be the downplaying of what happened, by using comparisons which make them sound a lot less like feminist, women's rights advocacy movements and a lot more like anti-white-male, hate groups.  If they hate us so much, perhaps they should take the time to contemplate the difference between the consequences of women allowing themselves the freedom to behave as they do within our society and what would happen to a woman which would do the same in a Middle Eastern or North African country.  What would be the odds of not being molested and raped over and over again, until they would change their behavior? That is the difference between us and them, and pretending that this difference does not exist is a shameless insult!

I want to leave the reader on a more positive note, with one single feminist voice, which I thought was appropriate:


She is Swiss Actress Milo Moire and her message is 100% focused on women's rights, within the context of the attack.  She is the only true feminist voice on this issue thus far, that I am aware of.


  1. You really should write an article on the Swedish rape crisis. In the last decade or so the figures have jumped by 1,500% as the Swedes have taken in many Muslim "Rapefugees"

    1. Thanks for your comment Bobby. Problem is that sometimes we do not get to work with the relevant data which would prove the fact beyond doubt. Many people in Sweden argue that the rise in reports has to do with how a rape is defined in Sweden. It seems to be a red herring to me, but unless someone actually does a more detailed study on the subject, I am afraid that the deniers will continue to win the argument, especially given that the authorities and the mainstream media are on their side. The only reason we are talking about COlogne and other places where attacks took place is because it was a massive one-time event, which could not be swept under the carpet and the authorities and the mainstream media were left with no choice but to talk about it. Do not expect this to continue however. I think we will be back to the way things were in no time.