Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Men Of Cologne, The Men Of The Western World.

Thinking back to my dear departed dad, I think he was a rather primitive man, at least by the standards we hold to be ideal in our current society.  He was nothing like us, sophisticated dudes these days.  The events in Cologne, Germany from the past few days, where apparently a large group of mainly migrant asylum seekers decided to ring in the New Year by committing dozens of sexual assaults and other crimes in the town square, brought back a memory of a story my dad once told me from when he was a young man.

It was a summer day in my hometown in Romania when my dad was catching a bus from just outside of town, where people  went swimming and fishing.  On the bus, there was a father with two young girls who attracted the attention of a group of young men who were probably slightly intoxicated.  They decided to show some similar affection to the young girls as the group of the roughly 1,000 young men in Cologne's central square did on New Year's to the local ladies passing by.  The father immediately stood up of course and tried to defend his daughters.  The group of hyenas wanted to gang up on him and teach him a lesson, but they immediately realized that a rather large group of passengers, especially fishermen also stood up and were ready to show the hyenas that it was not their territory after all.  They acted like a group of protective German Shepherds.  The group of hyenas responded by backing off, but also made sure to let the father know that they will pick up the issue once they got off the bus and the German Shepherds were no longer there.

But when they did get off the bus, to their surprise, so did all the German Shepherds, who according to my dad, did not know each other, did not communicate on the bus, yet they all knew what had to be done.  The bus driver also knew what had to be done.  He immediately parked the bus in a way that shielded the former passengers from the view of the rest of the street.  Then the German Shepherds told the dad to take his daughters away and they turned their attention to the hyenas.  They pinned them to the ground and went to work on them, mainly using the tips of their fishing rods as whips.  It was primitive vigilante justice.  No authorities were involved.  Just a bunch of like-minded primitive men with a German Shepherd-like protective mentality.  Knowing the Romanian authorities from back in those days, I would imagine if the hyenas would have gone to complain, they would have been in for another round at the police station, once the officers would have learned why the hyenas were stripped like zebras.

I am not like my father.  I may have been something like that when I was growing up.  But then I learned how to be civilized.  I avoided violent confrontations on a few occasions once I grew up, even in a few cases which would have made my dad slightly ashamed of me if he would have learned of it.  From his perspective, being a German Shepherd was something to be proud off.  It was his idea of what it meant to be a man.  Imagine the disappointment he would have felt learning that his only son was more of a puddle.  And not just any poodle, but a highly domesticated docile one.

Heck, the last time I threw a punch was a decade ago, and even then it was due to the fact that I had no choice.  I was in a club with two co-workers, one of which got very drunk.  He must have done something to offend a group of young men, because at some point two of them came close to us and one of them started punching him.  My other co-worker jumped to hold back the second guy, so I had no choice but to put an end to the pouncing on my drunk co-worker, so I got out of my chair and punched the attacker in the face.  It was a pathetic punch!  It most certainly was not anywhere near the potential power that my body could have produced.  It was more like 25% of my full potential from back in those days.  At the moment I thought I am in trouble, because evidently, I no longer had it in me.  But to my surprise, the attacker backed off.  He seemed terribly surprised, as if he never had the honor of being punched in the face before.  It turns out, he was just another poodle, just like me, despite his initial apparent fierceness he displayed while attacking my drunk co-worker, who was just too drunk and too stuck between his chair and table to be able to get up and defend himself.  As he started backing off, following my feeble punch, he seemed to be trying to mumble something with an expression of surprise and slight fright in his face.  Then the German Shepherds did show up, in the form of the club's hired muscle and escorted the attacker out.  That is the end of that story.  To this day, I continue to ask myself whether there would have still been some German Shepherd instincts in me if the situation would have escalated.  I am inclined to believe that I am probably a poodle, even though I for one am not very proud of it, unlike an increasing number of people among our society who seem to be convinced that it is the ideal.

It is not just me.  Chances are that so are you, especially if you were raised in our sophisticated Western society.  And evidently, so are the men of Cologne, Germany, where following that whole Hitler thing, society pushed itself towards extreme civility, perhaps to a greater extent then anywhere else.  If more of the men of Cologne would have been anything like my father and armed with the communication technology of today, a large number of German Shepherds would have presented themselves on the scene and would have put an end to the fun of the hyenas in no time.  It is true that in their primitive fashion, they would have probably mauled some of the ones on the scenes that were not at all hyenas, but just people having innocent fun, while their hyena friends were doing their not-so innocent thing.  But primitive German Shepherd justice is by no means perfect, even if at times necessary as we are now learning (at least some of us) and highly effective.

Just as well!  If there would have been enough German Shepherds to show up and do what evidently needed to be done that night, the headlines the next morning in the mainstream media would have been that a bunch of racist young men attacked a group of poor asylum seekers, who were just looking to celebrate their fortune of being far from conflict and showing their generous gratitude to the local host population.  The authorities and media would have certainly not waited days as they did with reporting the assaults, until they realized that unlike other smaller incidents, there was no sweeping this one under the carpet.  They finally realized that the gig is up and the more they try, the further they will erode their reputation.  But, if they would have had that alternative story of the German Shepherds showing up, they would have called the next day for re-doubling the efforts to "educate" the people of Germany in regards to "tolerant behavior" and they would have called to further marginalize those who still have not learned that being a German Shepherd in today's society is not acceptable.

It seems that even those who are supposed to be the designated German Shepherds of our society, namely the police, are in fact no longer German Shepherds either, at least as far as Cologne is concerned.  I watched a video of the event posted on line and to my surprise, did not see a single foot patrol walking through the crowds, at least to remind the partying hyenas once in a while to behave themselves, because the designated German Shepherds are on the job.  No wonder then that as many as 90 victims have come forward so far, with many saying that the real number of victims is most likely higher, because as is the case in such situations, some are just ashamed to come forward.

We have become poodles under the non-written social contract with our elites that in exchange for us Western men giving up on our masculinity and becoming a bunch of docile intellectual caricatures, hanging out in pubs and coffee places, dressing in a manner that denies our heterosexuality just a little bit and act like it as well, in exchange for the authorities assuming the responsibility of keeping us safe.  And the assumption is that they will do a good job of it.  Today the people of Germany are learning that their elites have broken their side of the bargain.  They introduced a large population, which includes a very large proportion of hyenas, by our standards.  They did so, while pretending that the hyenas were not there.  They went as far as hiding some of the early deeds of the hyenas last year, in order to continue pretending.  And now, when the events in Cologne can no longer be denied as an indication of the fact that a large number of hyenas were unleashed on the docile German society, due to the misguided policies of the elites, they are still trying to whitewash it to some extent, by pretending that German society can in the future weed out the hyenas from the rest of the migrant population.  In other words, no need to at the very least change policy, never mind admitting failure and resigning.  It is as if the social contract does not exist, and the German Shepherds agreed to become puddles, without any implicit expectations in return.

But the poodles of Germany have to come to terms with the fact that their society did make this deal, whereby they will largely give up being German Shepherds.  It is important to admit the existence of this social contract, because it is very important to admit that the contract has been broken.  And if the contract is not re-constituted by the elites, it is necessary to either replace the current elites with a new one, which will be willing to meet the elite's side of the bargain, or alternatively the German puddles, in defiance of their elite's wishes, will have to dig very deep and see if there is still a German Shepherd somewhere in there.  It may be in there, but it may take a long time to resurrect it, because generations of conditioning have buried it very deep.  Beside's, at some point, there may simply not be enough German Shepherds to deal with all the hyenas.



  1. Look up Nietzsche's "Last Man". That's pretty much modern Europe.

  2. Great article, I agree with everything you said.
    I think it is important that we, Men and Women of the West, all learn to protect ourselves and develop a mindset where we are ready to intervene to protect others.

    1. Thanks for your comment theredapache. Individualism is most certainly not a very useful collective adaptation when faced with acts such as happened in Cologne. At the same time, as I pointed out in the article, if a group of people would have mobilized to do what the police failed to do in Cologne, there is no doubt that today we would not be talking about the victims of sexual assault, but about the poor asylum seekers who were beaten by a racist mob.

      With this in mind, it is important in my view to realize that in much of Europe and in the Western World overall, we are now looking at a situation where it is the Elites, including most elected politicians, media and the rich, supported by a very aggressive and sizable minority of the population, which is on the extreme left (unfortunately, an extreme that has been accepted as mainstream), against the majority, which has no backing from anyone and has no way to solidify in a viable opposition. The only solution is to make people aware of it as much as we can and hopefully start gaining some political allies, which we can elect.